Champions of Emotes | EUphoria Season 5 Episode 14

Finals weekend is here, and Bwipo joins Drakos and Yamatocannon to break down his predictions for the games ahead. Plus: Emotes have found their way onto the Rift in the LEC! Which was the most BM?

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Skip around to your favorite parts:
0:21 Check-in
3:36 Setting expectations
6:27 Bwipo’s year so far
8:35 Difference between 2019 and 2020
11:48 Creative picks
14:27 What has changed for you this split?
15:42 Top laners in EU
18:35 Importance of self-awareness
19:41 Mithy and his strengths
22:20 General impact on team environment
26:50 Expectations for Fnatic in 2020
32:08 BM emotes
→ 33:56 Best emotes
→ 36:56 Mithy’s favourite emote
→ 40:19 Tent emote
42:49 Review of G2 vs. MAD
48:16 G2 vs. MAD rematch predictions
54:03 Finals
→ 57:05 Bwipo’s thoughts
→ 59:02 High stakes
1:01:00 Will Fnatic win?