Bloodborne Walkthrough Gameplay Part 5 – Land of Giants (PS4)

Bloodborne Walkthrough Gameplay Part 5 includes the Cathedral Ward area, a Review of the Single Player Story Campaign for PS4. This Bloodborne Gameplay Walkthrough will include a Review, all Bosses, Cut Scenes, PS4 Gameplay, Character Creation, Weapons, Armor, Music, OST and the Ending of the Single Player.

Bloodborne is a 2015 action-role playing video game developed by From Software and published by Sony Computer Entertainment exclusively for the PlayStation 4. Bloodborne takes place in the ancient city of Yharnam which was known for housing a medical remedy, a “panacea” which is said that would cure any disease. Over the years, many travelers made pilgrimages to Yharnam seeking the remedy to cure their afflictions; the Hunter is one of these travelers. Upon arriving in Yharnam, however, it is discovered that it is overrun with a plague which has transfomed most of the townsfolk into terrifying beasts. The player must navigate the streets of Yharnam and defeat its insane inhabitants and horrifying monsters in order to survive.

Bosses include: Cleric Beast, Father Gascoigne, Vicar Amelia, Blood-Starved Beast, The Witch of Hemwick, Darkbeast Paarl.

Enemies include: Afflicted Townsfolk, Afflicted Dog, Carrion Crow, Ogre, Werewolf, Wolfmen, Giant Rats, Pygmy Wolfmen, Cathedral Guardians, Cathedral Giants, Enemy Hunters, Graveyard Hags, Executioners, Weapons, Trick Weapons, Saw Cleaver, Hunter Axe, Threaded Cane, Saw Spear, Kirkhammer, Rifle Spear, Ludwig’s Holy, Blade, Offhand Weapons, Hunter Pistol, Hunter Blunderbuss, Torch, Repeating Pistol, Wooden Shield, Flamesprayer, Hunter’s Torch.