LETS PLAY KITTY BRIDGE! Cat Construction Feline Fun ! (FGTEEV Family Gameplay) like Stick Hero

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While Mike was playing My Singing Monsters, he stumbled across this Free game to get some in-game gems. Well, we liked the game so much, we wanted to show you all! Thumbs up for an entire family gameplay! 🙂

We didn’t know at the time that this game is like Stick Hero but just with a cat and funner sounds. Thanks for telling us! 🙂

PLAY THE GAME: http://kitty-bridge.com/
Website Description:
You love play with Cat, you are a fan of kitty?
So let’s play to the new addictive game : Kitty Bridge.Your mission is simple : create a bridge to allow your kitty to cross to the next zone.When you stop pushing the button, the ladder stops growing and falls down to make a bridge.
1/ Be careful with the time sizing your ladder
2/ Be carful the global time is also limited to cross the maximum of bridge
3/ Don’t be afraid of the noise when your kitty falls down with a Miaouuuuuuu cry
Don’t forget that you can play the game on your mobile, tablet and your dekstop without any download Challenge your friends a share your result on Facebook

Be cat, Be kitty, Be Miaou and build your Bridges
Stay focus and good Luck!

NOTE: My singing monsters gameplay vid should be up next. 🙂

Beba Ba Leep Bop Beleeda Bop Pllllhhh!
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