Lets Play Crossy Road Part 3! The Hunt for NESSY + LEPRECHAUN & PHONE BOX Secret Characters (FGTEEV)

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Lex, Dad & Chase play Crossy Road, the new IRELAND and UK update with a bunch of new characters! Regular characters we unlocked were Bobby and the Piper. We show you how to unlock Phone Box, Leprechaun and Nessy! We use the PIGGY BANK too! 🙂

Crossy Road Gameplay:
Part 1 – The Time Machine!: http://youtu.be/hwOdStWvL3c
Part 2 – Why did Crossy Road?: https://youtu.be/2UJqj1py8nw

You have to play as a UK character. Once you’re playing, look for 4 leaf clovers. If you walk over you, you unlock the LEPRECHAUN.

You have to play as a UK character. Once you’re playing, you will occasionally see NESSY floating in a river. If you jump on NESSY, you will unlock it for the next round. It works the same as hipster whale.

You have to play as a UK character. Once you’re playing, after around 100 points, you may come to a field of coins with a phone box in the center making telephone sounds. Walk near it and you’ll have the phone box unlocked for the next round.

The characters to get:
– Butterfly
– Badger
– Fox
– Squirrel
– Queen’s Guard
– Bobby
– Piper
– Chimney Sweep
– Fancy Lady
– Fancy Gent
– Schoolgirl
– Tardis
– Nessy
– Leprechaun
– Phone Box

Beba Ba Leep Bop Beleeda Bop Pllllhhh!
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