How to Get The Secret Ending & Alternate Final Boss (Spoilers) – Bloodborne Boss Guide

Here is a guide on how to get the three umbilical cords which will help trigger the alternate final boss and secret ending to Bloodborne.

Recommended Level: 70
As forward reach goes, the Moon Presence has one of the more lethal long range melee attacks in Bloodborne. That’s because this attack also includes the occasional lunge. Lunges take effort which means an opening for you if you manage to sidestep the Moon Presence. If any fight benefits from patience (even more than your average Bloodborne boss fight), it’s this one. The conservative approach would be to land two hits at a time and dashing backwards to avoid the Moon Presence’s retaliation.
When the boss emits a red beam, be ready to heal using the damage-dealing Regain System as beam attack will reduce your health to nearly zero. This also signals a change in the Moon Presence’s repertoire. It will now run to your direction in lieu of lunges and can clear its immediate area with a 360-degree spin attack. If it manages to hit you with the red beam a second time, you have another opportunity to wail on it with melee attacks and possibly open it up for a Visceral Attack.

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