How to Beat Gehrman, the First Hunter – Bloodborne Boss Guide

Recommended Level: 70
If you thought the scythes of the Wet Nurse were deadly, wait until you’re cut up by Gehrman’s blade. Even though Gehrman bears a passing resemblance to Father Gascoigne, you won’t get far using the same battle tactics. You certainly will die a quick death if you employ the forward rolling technique. No, dodges to the sides work best, not only to avoid near and mid-ranged attacks, but also position yourself for a counterattack. He’s not invincible to Visceral Attacks, but you might need to replay this fight a couple times before you know which moves make him vulnerable to gunfire. Eventually, Gehrman will switch from a scythe to a sword and blunderbuss. Be ready to dodge sideways more often.

Gehrman will indicate changes in patterns by two pauses in battle when he stretches out his arms and begins to glow. Feel free to pummel him with attacks the first time he does this. You need to do the opposite and hang back the second time he does this, lest you get caught up in his shockwave.

Experience you’ve gained in stamina management culminates in this fight. Along with your side dodges, you’ll also need to learn to move forward and back quickly, given that Gehrman’s can pull you toward him with his scythe. When he starts to glow, that means he now has the ability to make teleportation-like dashes, so be sure to economical with your own dashes.

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