How to Beat Ebrietas, Daughter of the Cosmos – Bloodborne Boss Guide

Recommended Level: 70
Ebrietas’ reach is long and lethal, which is why we recommend keeping much of the battle up close. The key is to get Ebrietas to constantly rotate as you’re attacking its sides while she’s trying to get a better angle on you. This isn’t as easy as it sounds because you need to get past two appendages that can block your access to her sides. You simply have to wait until she lifts those appendages to attack you. Once you do manage to wail on her sides, move along with her as she rotates and shifts. Do not end up directly behind her or else she will drastically change her position, which can include gliding to another part of the map.

If there is distance between you two (whether she moved or you wanted to get away to heal), be mindful of her toxic spit, which often comes twice in a row. Contact with the split can induce Frenzy, so be sure to have some sedatives handy. Ebrietas’ other distance move is a ramming attack. Both can be dodged with evasive rolls to the left or right.

Around the second half of the fight, Ebrietas will emit a non-damaging shockwave. This is the signal that she’s about to use a new move soon. If her back is fully upright, that means she’s summoning a triple-wave laser blast. Your proximity to Ebrietas doesn’t matter. What does matter is that you have enough stamina and space to execute three dodge rolls. The progress you’ve made in the game overall should give you a high enough level to deal with one direct hit but don’t expect to survive after two hits.

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