How to Beat Darkbeast Paarl – Bloodborne Boss Guide

Recommended Level: 45
Darkbeast Paarl resides where Old Yharnam and Yahar’Gul, Unseen Village meet. This lanky, bolt-enhanced boss is shifty, but he’s also prone to collapsing given its long legs. When Darkbeast Paarl is on its feet, it’s best to avoid its front as it specializes in wide, sweeping attacks. But if you pummel it enough with a combo of hits, you will get Darkbeast Paarl to collapse, which is when you should definitely be at its front, namely close to its head. Even without a bullet to stun it, Darkbeast Paarl’s head is vulnerable to Visceral Attacks. Other than that, just be ready to keep up with strafing motions and don’t let its screams intimidate you. The latter is mostly for show.

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