How to Beat Celestial Emissary – Bloodborne Boss Guide

Recommended Level: 60
The first phase of this boss fight involves fending off a herd of bulb-headed creatures. At first, it might not seem like you’re not doing significant damage, but you’ll notice the boss’ lifebar decrease with nearly every kill. If you rely a lot on the lock-on, you might find that leaving it off for most of this fight will let you hit more enemies in a single blade swing. It’s a roomy area, so feel free to back up once in a while to heal, regain stamina, and tighten the crowds of enemies.

The real boss appears once its lifebar is reduced to about 50%. It’s arms might not look long relative to the rest of its body, but since it’s much larger than its minions, its reach is surprisingly long. If it manages to hit you with a three-swing combo, be ready to retreat and heal. Conversely, avoiding the combo will give you an opening to unleash a series of quick attacks for as long as you have stamina. Eventually it will change into its hairier form, which gives it ranged attack powers. These are easy to prepare for since the glowing light preceding each attack is obvious. These can simply be avoided with dodges to the side. Like its combos, a well-dodged beam will leave the Emissary open to quick attacks.

The key defensive strategy is to use the man-made terrain to your advantage. You can back up and lure the Emissary and its minions to the higher sections of the area and then escape with a drop to the lower sections. The Emissary might drop down to follow you, but the minions most likely won’t. This will give you some 1-on-1 time with the Emissary.

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