How to Beat Blood-Starved Beast – Bloodborne Boss Guide

Recommended Level: 25
Compared to Father Gascoigne, this boss (and most of the other upcoming bosses) are much less of a hassle. By now you’ll also have learned how to farm levels and consumables to put you in a better position for boss fights. The one consumable (aside from blood vials) that you should stock up on are antidotes. You will need them against the Blood-starved Beast.

This boss jumps around a lot, which is not hard to adapt to provided you keep your lock-on activated. The Blood-starved Beast focuses on quick frontal attacks, which makes it easy for you to work on its sides and rear to deal damage. Be sure to give yourself time (and possibly distance) to regroup so you can use both blood vials and antidotes. You can also use the columns as a barrier between you and the beast so you have a brief time window to use your consumables.

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