Самостроющаяся железная дорога [MC WORLD]#4

Hi bro! I like Minecraft, Minecraft in Real Life and Realistic Minecraft. Оn my channel you find a lot of video about: Minecraft real life, minecraft animation and realistic minecraft in real life
Hello everyone my dear friends, and today again with you I am in real life, this day, I want to talk about such a pleasant game as minecraft real life, I still can not say that this is a bad game. Some call it minecraft vs real life. Since it still keeps afloat, just like in real life. Minecraft is a wonderful creation, the creators of games. Minecraft irl is a game with big expanses for creativity, realistic minecraft every day surprises its players with an impossible plot. There is also a version for xbox, it was a realistic motive for minecraft. We with my team decided to create a new project, animation minecraft. There is also a huge amount of mods, irc minecraft, we’ve released videos, called the top 5 realistic minecraft, or the life of minecraft we often use in our developments some tweaks, such as: monster school, irl, zombie life. we really like the real minecraft, and often we do animation of monsters, in general animation, this is our everything, we live it. Recently, our dear company has released for you minecraft xbox and the first person who plays it will be a child-friendly person. You have long been tormented by the name of the main character, but still, his name is minecraft steve. It was for you that we decided to take all the best and chose kibitz and the captain, even our wonderful company decided to release a new charm called nitrolukedx and they will be without curses, that’s why we decided to reduce the minecraft videos, episode 14, about the family and fun mode that adds new creatures. Including noob vs pro, as in the new part of minecraft 1.13 will be presented as a water minecraft. Even cutting the video created, noob vs pro 1, our representatives will show only the best episodes, noob vs pro minecraft battle. Even the critics themselves called the game the top realistic minecraft, although we do not know why. Maybe because we showed realistic animation minecraft pro vs noob, or the animation of school monsters is not clear to us. Although we are all noob in minecraft, but each of you pro in the shower, like minecraft. We even created a game for VR where there will be very real hands in minecraft, as planned, it all tends to what you want to watch namely the animation noob vs pro minecraft machinima, even our competitors are top 5, herobrine, because they are watched not only kids but and minecraft realista, and generally minecraft top, steve minecraft, our programmers decided to change the vector play, and decided to add a minecraft troll. Where from the fog appears the quasar minecraft, and beats all the bad guys. The game became so popular that they began to battle for minecraft machinima battles, and the most valuable resource there is diamonds, for which you can buy captainphresh, or myfix, kibitz. Remember, there is no abuse in our game, because the game vector is aimed at children or cussing, and even the tu50 musician decided to come to us to record a new song mirl, where Captain America will beat everyone, and even tu51, and the xbox game console, lives inside of us as an example of a game in real life, by the way they can be repeated on a smartphone in realistic minecraft pe and realistic minecraft 14.We created a competition for the best minecraft animation, where highly appreciated funny minecraft animations, or even the best realistic minecraft animations, not the most interesting and the best realistic will take the premium of the year.

TOP 5 MINECRAFT IN REAL LIFE / REALISTIC IRL / Animations game vs real life https://youtu.be/zAsSvMY8Oo8

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