THE HOUSE 2 – FIND A HAPPY PLACE! – Gameplay Walkthrough – Part 2

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The House 2 Walkthrough Part 2 with Gameplay by theRadBrad.

The House 2, is the second and newest version of the Internet flash game created by Sinthai Studio. It’s storyline is different than the first flash game of the studio, The House.

In the middle 1940’s, a couple moved into the house and had a daughter. Her name was Alrena and she was born disabled and seemed to be in a lot of pain. Her parents didn’t want her to suffer any longer, so they poisoned Alrena and put her body into the Safe Room, which is the last room the player encounters.
After they had left Alrena behind, they decided it was time to move on. They adopted a child called Nicole. Even though they had left Alrena, her spirit didn’t move on. It stayed there, in the house. She grew up and continued to terrify the ones who are in the house. The housemaid encountered Alrena several times, who comes over to look after Nicole. She has learnt that Nicole wasn’t the parents’ real child and that she was adopted. Before she could learn more, she was killed.

Alrena terrifies the whole family with her instant appereances, for which the family start to feel guilty. They all decide to commit suicide. From that day, nobody could dare to go in the house and it was left empty for decades. The people thought it was haunted, and they were right.