GREY – WHAT HAVE I DONE!? – Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 [WARNING: SCARY MOMENTS!] (Grey Horror Mod)

This might be reaching for the sky but do you think we can break 10k LIKES for the start of this new horror mod? Much love to all of you even if we don’t. 😀
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Grey Walkthrough Part 1 with Gameplay by theRadBrad. Part 1 of my Grey Gameplay Walkthrough includes the Introduction and I plan on doing a full Playthrough if this video does well!

Download Grey here:

Grey’s life has been nothing but a struggle. A constant downward spiral, and it seems even reality has turned against him. Grey awakens to find that the world has gone quiet, the streets empty. You must find help. Explore the grim world Grey lives in a completely new and unique world, and find clues to his shattered past.

Grey is a total conversion Half-Life 2 horror modification where the player must solve puzzles, fight to survive, and find out what is happening to the world around you. We have made a lot changes to the base Source engine and have added countless new mechanics in the mod such as the objective indicator, portable medkit, donator based extras, pickup animations, failed reloads, new picture based GUI elements and much, much more! To those who survive the horror the first time around we have an extra ‘hardcore mode’ which gives an even greater challenge to the player. This hardcore mode is not only just about more enemy hitpoints and higher damage. For the hardcore mode we have changed the maps and puzzles, as well as having extra enemies (including ones unique to hardcore mode), new chilling places and situations, and of course a new ending to go with it.