HOSPICE (Slender) – PALEST MAN, BLACKEST SUIT – Slenderman’s Shadow (Gameplay Walkthrough)

Hospice is the second Slenderman’s Shadow map after Sanatorium. I appreciate all those likes and favorites, it helps more than you know!
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The song used in the intro is called “All Chairs Are Bad” by Helynt:

Download: http://darkpathogenstudios.pure24design.com/

This game is based off of the indie game ‘Slender’ by Mark J. Hadley (AgentParsec). It shares the same gameplay elements as the original – you must collect 8 pages while avoiding the enemy. This is not intended to be a copy – simply a way for people who loved Slender to be able to face their fear on a different map with the same awesome gameplay. There are some differences which will make playing a somewhat unique experience – different AI, new sounds, and a different environment.