Unseen Visions – Skyrim Dawnguard Walkthrough – Butterfly (Moth) in the Sky (Xbox 360)

Not one, not two, but three Elder Scrolls.

00:03 – First off we still need to get our main game Dragon Elder Scroll from the College of Winterhold. And of course a big stupid dragon attacks. Thankfully all of the mages help to fight.
01:16 – Urag will sell it back for 4,000 gold. Since I’m the Archmage I convince him to drop it down to 2,000.
01:50 – Guess those coins just disappear
02:20 – Returning to Dexion with all three Elder Scrolls, it appears he is blind. Still a good smith, though.
04:31 – Despite the marker being close to Falkreath, it wasn’t so simple as heading to the east. I got to this location by traveling to Fort Neugrad and running up the hill to the south-west.
04:48 – Mt thrall goes hostile again. We fight, and then it calms down when I sheath my weapon.
06:14 – Grab the tool and cut up some trees.
08:09 – Snatch some moths, read some rolls.
09:20 – That Sun Elder Scroll killed my vampire thrall, so time to resurrect.
10:30 – Vampires attack! Time to fight it out.

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