Saints Row: The Third – Gangstas in Space – Gameplay Walkthrough Part 3 – Hangar 18 1/2

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Saints Row: The Third: Gangstas in Space Walkthrough Part 3 with Xbox 360 Gameplay by theRadBrad.

This is Part 3 / Mission 2: Hangar 18 1/2 of the new Saints Row: The Third DLC called Gangstas in Space.


From the visionary mind of big-shot Hollywood director Andy Zhen, the Saints are back once again to complete the final scenes for their future blockbuster, “Gangstas In Space”. With the world waiting in anticipation of the very first Saints movie, there’s a lot on the line, and it’s your job to act the part. Starring the Boss and introducing Jenny Jaros as Princess Kwilanna, you’ll experience action, drama, blow-up dolls, and one hell of an alien invasion through a series of new missions.