Dr Pepper Ultimate Highlights: Raleigh Friday Night Kickoff

Top plays and highlights during Friday Night Kickoff at MLG’s 50th Event in Raleigh, NC.

Modern Warfare 2: Nuke the Trailer Park (MW2 Gameplay/Commentary)


Modern Warfare 2 Clip: 7 in 1 AC-130 Multi-Kill!

This is a clip I almost deleted but felt it deserved to be uploaded. http://twitter.com/thaRadBrad

The 2010 MLG Raleigh Bracket Show

Hosts Shibby, Puckett, and Dmaq debate key matches and share their Halo 3 Event predictions for…

Raleigh Teaser

MLG’s historic 50th Event gets underway this weekend in Raleigh, NC.

Stories from the Floor #22

Down late in Game 11 against Triggers Down at MLG Columbus, Goofy, of Warriors, grabbed the…

Denver Doritos Combine: Reloaded

Shibby recaps the action from the third stop of the 2010 Doritos Pro-Gaming Combine in Denver,…

Xtravagant vs Last Resort – WB4 – Game 3

Xtravagant vs Last Resort – WB4 – Game 1

Xtravagant vs The Influence – WB Finals – Game 2