Scuf Team of the Week – CWL Anaheim

CWL Anaheim brought us some of the best play we have seen all year. The competition was steep but a



Overwatch League

HIGHLIGHTS Hangzhou Spark vs. Dallas Fuel | Stage 3 | Week 3 | Day 1 | Overwatch League

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League Of Legends

Golden Guardians on the Rise | Team Liquid vs Golden Guardians Tease (LCS Week 4)

From last split’s 10th place to challenging for sole possession of first place, Golden Guardian’s Deftly wants to prove their

Phreak Show | Our Reworks Have Reworks

This week on Phreak Show we’re taking a look at the buffs and nerfs from Patch 9.12 and what they


Arteezy Morphling – Dota 2 Pro Gameplay

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